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December 3 to 6 2020
11am to 8pm
Visit our Instagram @witchplease.mtl

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Get 20% Off all Website with Code : WITCHPLEASEVM

Live everyday at Noon on Instagram to participate in our Sample Sales and Learn how our jewelry is crafted!

Inchoo Bijoux

New Collection Launch!
Midnight Sky and Dark Creatures

Live Wax Carving on Instagram Thursday at 3pm!

MADmoiselle S on instagram : @madmoisellesjewels

Madmoiselle S

10% off with code : WITCHPLEASEVM

Catrinoire on Instagram : @Catrinoire


Launch of the Funky Holiday Themed Soaps & New Bunny Mists

Live Friday 1pm on instagram for the Launch of their new collection!
Clean but psycho soaps on instagram : @cbp.soaps

Clean But Psycho Soaps

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10% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

New product launch on December 3rd !

Kelsea Shore on Instagram : @kelseashore

Kelsea Shore

New Collection Launch! Celestial Rodeo!

Lord Violet on instagram : @lord_violet

Lord Violet

25% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM
+ FREE shipping with orders over 150$

Live Leather Workshop Thursday at 11am on Instagram

Damianes Crafts on Instagram : @damianescrafts

Damianes Craft

15% of with code WITCHPLEASEVM
Live Art + Giveaway Thursday at 1pm on instagram!

Isabelle Algrin Art on instragram : @isabellealgrinart

Isabelle Algrin Art

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Screenshot_2020-11-14 𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕞𝕚𝕨𝕒

10% Off with Code WITCHPLEASEVM
Special Edition Black T-Shirt with white hands
Limited Print Editions
New Linocuts on Dark Paper & Prints

Introjection on instagram : @introjection


New Aromatic Wax Tablets

1 Free Lip Balm with orders over 50$

Les Alcôves on instagram : @les.alcoves

Les Alcôves

15% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Vitre iol on instagram : @vitre_iol

Vitre  iol

25% off witch code WITCHPLEASEVM

New Stickers, Pins and Prints!

Miss Emiwan on instagram : @missemiwan

Miss Emiwan

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Free Gemstone Property Cheat + 10% Off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Live Crystal Sale Sunday at 1pm on instagram : Hymalayan Quartz, Pendlums, Crystal Balls and more!

Nikmak on instagram : @nikmakcrystals


Live Friday at 3pm
Gift Boxes for all budgets!

The Old Cavern Boutique on instagram : @The_old_cavern_boutique

The Old Cavern Boutique

10% off witch code WITCHPLEASEVM
New Jewelry Release!

Isabelle Sylvestres Jewelry on instagram : @isabelle.sylvestre.joailliere

Isabelle Sylvestre Jewelry

Launch of the New Lunar Calendar
+ New Prints!

Free mystery gift for the 13 first clients!

Frey Dessine on instagram : @freydessine

Frey Dessine

uneven jack-o lantern and eye ring hallo

15% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Uneven Creations on Instagram : @unevencreations

Uneven Creations

13% off all Candles witch code WITCHPLEASEVM

New Product Launch on December 3rd!

Graveyard Wanders on instagram : @graveyardwanders

Graveyard Wanders

New Linocut Prints +
20% Off with code WITCHPLEASEVM on patches, pins, prints & Stickers
Free Shipping in Canada

Live Art and Wine Friday at 7pm on instagram !

Akira Auger Art on instagram : @akira_auger_art

Akira Auger Art

New Rosehip Syrup
& Witch Elixir
New Soup Stock for Cauldron Magic
Seasonal Tea Blends
Limited Edition Cream

Blueberry Jams on Instagram : @blueberryjamsmtl

Blueberry Jams


New Witch Plant Pots
Surprise with all Orders
Saturday at 1pm :
Demo + Giveaway!
Sunday at 11am :
The Garden Witch

La Lieve on instagram : @lalieve_

La Lieve

Yule Gift Baskets and limited edition Tea Reading Candle!
Free shipping with orders overs 65$ witch code WITCHPLEASEVM

Live on instagram Friday at 11am !

White Witch Cottage on instagram : @whitewitchcottage

White Witch Cottage

Free shipping over $100 code WITCHPLEASEVM
OOAK  collection launch December 3rd
Live wax-carving in Instagram Saturday at 11am
More release of other exclusive pieces after live session

Black Daisies Jewelry on instagram : @blackdaisiesjewelry

Black Daisies Jewelry

15% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM
New Collection Launch

Miss Cheekabloom on instagram : @miss_cheekabloom

Miss Cheekabloom

Screenshot_2020-11-14 K I Ǝ V E (Pauzé)
Screenshot_2020-11-14 ᴍᴀʀɪsᴀ ᴘᴀʀɪsᴇʟʟᴀ (

10% off witch code WITCHPLEASEVM

New Tree & Window Ornaments Collection
Hint : it has Glitter!

Ghouls and Glitter on instagram : @ghoulsandglitter

Ghouls & Glitter

15% off witch code WITCHPLEASEVM

Live Sunday at 3pm on Instagram!

Orfika Kraft on instagram : @orfikakraft

Orfika Kraft

10% Off all Collections with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Kieve Pauze on instagram : @Kieve.Jewelry

Kieve Pauze

Gift cards for Photo sessions available through Instagram DMs

Boudoir pics for your pets @itakepicturesofyourpets

Marisa Parisella on instagram : @marisaparisella

Marisa Parisella

Screenshot_2020-11-14 Miss B Your fav Mo
Screenshot_2020-11-14 𝔅𝔩𝔞𝔠𝔨 𝔗𝔬𝔫?
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Copy of IMGP9885_2a.jpg

Pre-Order of new Card Deck / Tarot Deck
Sale on Creative Box OMGoddess!
Miss Bourguignon on instagram : @missbourguignon

Miss Bourguignon

New Collection OOAK Launch!
Plenty of Pointy Weapon Surprises!
Warbringer Launch on December 3rd!

Black Tongue Silver on instagram : @blacktonguesilver

Black Tongue Silver

13% Off all Readings with code WITCHPLEASEVM
Giveaway Details on instagram

Eldritch Mor on instagram : @eldritchmor


Thursday at 7pm
Saturday at 7pm
on instagram!

Evora Night on instagram : @evoranight

Evora Night

Screenshot_2020-11-14 Kat Watson ( wornb

Live Sunday at 7pm on instagram!

Dark Felina on instagram : @Dark.Felina

Dark Felina

20% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM
Launch of new Silicone Wine Bag

Live Saturday at 3pm on instagram!

Cyntault Creations on instagram : @cyntault_creations

Cyntault Creations

25% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Worn by Warriors on instagram : @wornbywarriorsjewelry

Worn by Warriors

20% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Bad Taxidermy on instagram : @bad.taxidermy

Bad Taxidermy

Screenshot_2020-11-15 ĿᎾSŦ ΛṖᎾSŦĿƐ ( lo

15% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM
Giveaway Contest on Instagram!

Alice's Raving Mad Accessories on instagram : @alicesravingmadaccessories

Alice's Raving Mad Accessories

25% off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Lost Apostle on instagram : @lostapostle

Lost Apostle

10% Off with code WITCHPLEASEVM

Little Bell on instagram : @littlebellstore

Little Bell

Cirque de Boudoir is hosting a Live Music Dance Party on Zoom for Witch Please! Join us for Lunatic!
Friday 8pm to Midnight!
Tips are appreciated for the Djs!

VJ Bunnyguts

Cirque de Boudoir - DJ Davide & VJ Bunnyguts

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