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April 30th 2022

11am to 9pm

Vendors : 11am to 7pm

Hangouts at the boutique until 9pm

After Party at Cabaret Berlin from 10pm to 3am

The Inchoo Bijoux shop will be open until 9pm

4000 St-Ambroise

Suite 278

Space is wheelchair accessible
Visit our Instagram @witchplease.mtl


Inchoo on Instagram

Visit the Inchoo Bijoux Boutique at 4000 St-Ambroise Suite 278, Montreal

Sponsored by
Inchoo Bijoux


Dark Capucine on Instagram : @darkcapucine

Dark Capucine


Horny Cat Jewelry on Instagram : @Hornycatjewelry

Horny Cat Jewelry

Odylic 20.jpg

Odylic on Instagram :


Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 15-55-29 SIN Keyhole Ring Etsy.png

Missy Industry on instagram : @missyindustry

Missy Industry

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 09-43-06 Alice ( alice_demee) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Alice Demee on Instagram : @alice_demee

Alice Demee

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 09-50-38 Babydoll Naturals ( babydollnaturals) • Instagram photos

Babydoll Naturals Creations on Instagram : @babydollnaturals

Babydoll Naturals

Demonic Dreams Art 13_edited.jpg

Demonic Dreams Art on Instagram : @demonicdreamsart

Demonic Dreams Art

Chaos Repository 14_edited.jpg

Chaos Repository on instagram : @chaos.repository

Chaos Repository

nikmak (2).png

Nikmak on instagram : @nikmakcrystals


Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 09-55-18 DeadArt prints ( cakolyre) • Instagram photos and

Cakolyre on instagram : @cakolyre



Caroline Leprohon on instagram : @carolineleprohonjewelry

Caroline Leprohon


Graveyard Wanders on instagram : @graveyardwanders

Graveyard Wanders

Emaude 11_edited.jpg

Emaude on Instagram : @emaudecreations


Equinox Art 15_edited.jpg

Equinox Art on Instagram : @_equinoxart_

Equinox Art


Black Daisies Jewelry on Instagram @blackdaisiesjewelry

Black Daisies Jewelry

Ferocious Leather 23.jpg

Ferocious Leather on Instagram : @ferociousleather

Ferocious Leather

Heart of Stained Glass 22.JPG

Heart of Stained Glass on Instagram : @heart_of_stained_glass

Heart of Stained Glass

Shop Last Rites 12.jpeg

Last Rites Vintage on Instagram : @shoplastrites

Last Rites Vintage

Miss Bourguignon 14_edited.jpg

Miss Bourguignon on Instagram : @missbourguignon

Miss Bourguignon

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 10-39-24 Monica Vale ( monicavalejoailliere) • Instagram photos a

Monica Vale on Instagram : @monicavalejoailliere

Monica Vale

Nayma Creation 11.jpg

Nayma Creation on Instagram : @nayma.creation

Nayma Creation

Rituel Cosmetics 17.jpg

Rituel Cosmetic on Instagram : @rituel.cosmetiques

Rituel Cosmetic

Uneven 12.jpeg

Uneven on Instagram : @unevencreations


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